How To Regrow Your Natural Hair With A Big Chop

How To Regrow Your Natural Hair With A Big Chop

When you’re making the decision to regrow your natural hair by returning to its natural state, you have two primary options. You can begin the transitioning process of your hair or cutting it. Transitioning means going from relaxed hair to natural hair. You can do this by either gradually cutting the relaxer off or cutting the relaxed ends off all at once. That is why it is called a big chop. EVERYTHING must go all at once. This can even be done by waiting to grow out the relaxed hair until all the hair is natural.

Regrow With A Big Chop

Cutting it all off is known in the natural hair community as the “Big Chop”. It is the fastest way to achieve 100 percent natural hair. Many times it may not always suit everyone. Going through with the big chop can be one of the most incomparable moments on your natural hair journey. It gives some people a new outlook on life while others struggle to try to find the right hairstyles.

Natural Styles

If you are considering a natural hairstyle I suggest you do your research first! Consult a professional about transitioning options. Try a few textured hairstyles like rod and twist sets to see if you like the way you look with big hair. It is not recommended that women cut off all their hair for a fresh start. You can also opt-out in a bun or wear your natural fro and accessorize.

Short hair isn’t for everyone, keeping your confidence with a new look is the main goal. Although the big chop might be the best solution for some, there’s nothing wrong with cutting the relaxer out as it grows. Many people actually start off cutting the relaxer as it grows out to keep its length. Others are daring and go for the big chop.

Hair extensions are also a great alternative when choosing to go natural. It is also the most popular way to start your natural hair journey. Regular trims between braiding will ensure the hair is healthy and that you are getting closer to your natural hair goals. Most people trim their ends anywhere between 4-6 weeks. Also, deep conditioning and hot oil treatments are key when wearing extensions regularly. Although you are wearing weaves or extensions you MUST also add moisture to your natural roots as well.

Once you make the decision to stop chemically altering your hair, you need to decide how you’re going to go about it. Will you transition to natural hair? This process can take anywhere from weeks to months, to even years depending on the length of your hair and how quickly it grows. Or will you choose the quicker route, also known as the Big Chop? Before making your final decision, check out the pros and cons of the big chop. Whichever route you decide to take embrace your natural roots you are BEAUTIFUL!

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