Simple Press On Nail Business Income Guide

Simple Press On Nail Business Income Guide

Your press on nail business income you can generate will depend on a number of factors, including the price of your products, the number of orders you receive, and your marketing efforts. For example, if you sell a set of press-on nails for $5 and you receive 100 orders per month, you would generate $500 in income.


Materials: The cost of materials will vary depending on the quality and quantity of materials you purchase. For example, a set of 24 press-on nails can cost between $1 and $5.

  • Nail tips: Coffin and square shapes are popular. Around $50 for a starter set.
  • Polish & tools: Basic polishes, brushes, files, etc. Budget $100-$200.
  • Cute packaging: Boxes or pouches to make your nails shine. $50-$200.

Marketing: The cost of marketing will vary depending on the channels you use and the reach you want to achieve. For example, social media marketing can be free or low-cost, while paid advertising can be more expensive.

  • Online store: Etsy, website, or social media shop. $50-$200/month.
  • Social media: Show off your designs! Free-ish, or pay for ads.

Shipping: The cost of shipping will vary depending on the weight and destination of your orders.

Other expenses: Other expenses may include rent, utilities, and salaries.

  • License & permits: Check your local rules.
  • Shipping supplies: Keep your nails safe on their journey.
  • Insurance: Protect your biz from, well, accidents.


  • Start small, grow slow.
  • Reinvest profits to level up.
  • Passion + quality = happy customers!

This is just a rough guide, your costs may differ. But with some planning and creativity, you can launch your press-on nail empire without spending a fortune! Good luck!

press on nail income guideline price list

Press On Nail Business Income

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to pinpoint an “average salary” for starting a press-on nail business, as income can vary vastly depending on several factors. Here’s why:

Income varies based on:

  • Sales volume: How many nail sets do you sell per month?
  • Pricing: How much do you charge per set?
  • Expense management: How well do you control your costs?
  • Marketing effectiveness: How effectively are you reaching your target audience?
  • Location: Are you selling locally or online with larger reach?
press on nail business haul

Instead of an average salary, consider this:

  • Some press-on nail businesses are full-time income earners, generating several thousand dollars per month.
  • Others may be side hustles, bringing in a few hundred dollars per month.
  • Many startups experience initial losses before becoming profitable.

Tips for success:

  • Start small and scale gradually.
  • Focus on building a strong brand and loyal customer base.
  • Offer unique designs and excellent customer service.
  • Track your finances and reinvest profits to grow your business.

Remember, passion, creativity, and dedication are key factors in the success of your press-on nail business. While income can vary greatly, the potential for a rewarding and lucrative venture is certainly there!

Press on nail business income earnings forecast


Your profit will be the difference between your press on nail business income and your costs. In the example above, if your costs were $200 per month, your profit would be $300 per month.


  • Nail Set Pricing: The average press-on nail set sells for $15-$50, with intricate designs or luxury materials fetching higher prices.

Profit Margin:

Profit Margin = (Revenue per set – Variable Costs) – Startup Costs

Remember, this is just an estimate, and your actual press on nail business income profit will depend on various factors like your sales volume, chosen materials, and marketing effectiveness.

Here’s a simplified example:

  • You sell 20 nail sets per month at $20 each for a total revenue of $400.
  • Your variable costs (shipping, etc.) are $50 per month.
  • Your total startup costs were $500.

Your profit for the first month would be:

  • $400 (revenue) – $50 (variable costs) = $350
  • $350 – $500 (startup costs) = -$150 (loss)

This means after your first month, your press on nail business income would be in the red. However, as your sales volume grows and you recoup your startup costs, your profit margin will rise significantly.

Here are some tips for increasing your income from your press on nail business:

  • Sell high-quality products at a competitive price.
  • Market your products effectively to reach your target audience.
  • Offer discounts and promotions to encourage repeat business.
  • Build a strong customer base by providing excellent customer service.

With hard work and dedication, you can create a successful press on nail business that generates a significant income.

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