5 Of The Best Natural Hair Pins On Pinterest:

5 Of The Best Natural Hair Pins On Pinterest:

Okay so as you know from my previous social media posts I have NATURAL hair. (That and I almost ALWAYS start my post when I’m getting ready to ramble with “Okay.” )

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Yes, I think I can actually say it’s 100% natural. For the majority of us when we say natural hair we just mean without a relaxer. In all actuality, I think it really means free from all chemical processing. I can’t be quite sure that’s true, it’s been a while since I graduated from cosmetology school. I do plan on refreshing my memory and Pinterest will be my BEST friend. Here are a few of my favorite Natural hair pins on Pinterest.

While the title of this post claims that these are my top 5 natural hair pins I did add one more just so that this is more aesthetically pleasing. As a natural girl, we tend to struggle with our hair. It’s always daunting tasks on wash day, bad hair days for wash & go’s and poof be gone silk presses.

I thought this would be a great way to showcase some natural girls in the natural world with bouncy and disappearing curls. (I kinda tried to rhyme that accidentally but we’re gonna just roll with it. Lol.) While we are here let’s add a few bonus Roller Set pins.

Top 5 Roller Set Hair Pins:

This is the end of my Natural hair interest post but it will NOT be the last. (I kinda went overboard searching for my faves) I hope you find inspiration, try a new look and share it with your friends and family! Happy Pinning. LITERALLY.

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