10 Best Must-Haves For Your Skincare Routine

10 Best Must-Haves For Your Skincare Routine

Skincare Routine Products
Skincare Routine Products

My Skin Care Routine

When it comes to skincare I have to be very careful about which products I use. People who have sensitive skin break out very easily. When breakouts occur they can cause pimples or skin rashes. After a breakout, these areas can cause dark spots on your skin. These marks are known as blemishes and can be very irritating. These are the products I use for my skincare routine and I swear to them. They don’t cause irritation to my skin and I have minor breakouts if I have any at all.

Skincare Cleansing

When I begin my cleansing process I wet my face with water. You can do this by slashing water on your face with your hands. A washcloth or facial wipe will also get the job done. Many people prefer to use a washcloth when doing this but I would recommend using a facial wipe instead. I also use washcloths because it better removes the cleanser from your skin. Using a facial wipe would be more gentle on the skin, but it can be very soapy. This would require more rinses of the cloth and add additional time to your cleansing.

After applying water to my face I place the facial cleanser on the back of my hand. It makes massaging the product into my skin a lot simpler. When I do cleanse my face I mix three products together. You don’t have to use this method using one product at a time is fine. I think it’s the easiest way for me to get all the cleansing I need to do in one wash. Also, I have noticed that using these products separately causes my face to have a burning sensation. That can cause skin irritations and additional acne.

Skincare Routine Products

I use the Epielle pore cleanser with baking soda, Proactiv renewing cleanser, and the Tea Tree cleanser in conjunction with one another. I place the Proactiv cleanser on my hand first followed by the pore cleanser and then the tea tree. I do this because the proactive product is thicker and the other two are more liquidy. This can cause the product to run along the back of your hand and you have to chase it to avoid spillage. They have small bowls with spatulas that you can use to make this process easier.

The cons of using the bowl and spatula could cause you to waste some products and have more things to wash. This is all dependent upon the types of products you use, how often you use them, and how much they cost you. I lightly rub the product in with my finger to mix the items and then apply it to my face. I apply the mixture to the area that has the most blemishes first. This allows the product to sit longer as I apply the product to the rest of my face. I massage the mixture into my skin for about 2 minutes before rinsing the cleanser from my face.

Proactiv Skin Toner

I fan my face with my hand to allow it to air dry instead of using a towel. This can cause your skin to dry out which may lead to irritation. After my skin dries, I use a cotton pad to apply my facial toner. Using the Proactiv facial toner I apply a small amount of the liquid to the bad and rub it into my skin using circular motions. Always be sure to start toning your skin in the area that is mostly covered in acne. After toning, apply the acne fade removal cream.

Post Acne Dark Mark Relief

Sometimes I would apply the post-acne dark mark relief by itself. I would also mix the cream with the repairing treatment and apply it to my face all at once. I would alternate between using the repairing treatment and the Ponds beauty cream. This would be the end of my skincare routine. If I recently had a breakout I would just apply the post-acne dark mark relief followed by the post-acne scar gel and then apply the repairing treatment as the final step. 

Repairing Treatment

When my skincare routine changes it’s only because I add a mask to my initial routine. I would follow the same steps but I would apply the Freeman peel-off mask to my face after cleansing and wait for it to dry completely before peeling it off. After peeling the mask off I would tone my skin and apply the post-acne dark mark relief and repair cream. This would be my final step.

At least once a month or so I would use cleansers, peel-off masks, toners, post-acne dark mark relief, scar gel, and repairing treatment followed by a Burt’s Bees brightening mask or the Sally Hansen aftercare lotion. The brightening mask doesn’t need to be washed off. It is simply an additional moisturizing tool to hydrate your skin. And there you have it, beautifully hydrated, glowing, fresh skin.

Skincare Routine Products

Products Used:

  1. Epielle pore cleanser with baking soda
  2. Proactiv renewing cleanser
  3. Tea Tree cleanser
  4. Proactiv Skin Toner
  5. Proactiv post-acne dark mark relief
  6. Ponds beauty cream
  7. Freeman peel-off mask
  8. Proactiv post-acne scar gel
  9. Burt’s Bees brightening mask
  10. Sally Hansen aftercare lotion

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